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In the early afternoon and evening hours, downtown New York City was the scene of severe thunderstorms, including several tornadoes. The intensifying storm system moved through the region late Tuesday afternoon into the early evening, with the strongest storms raging in the Bronx, Queens and New Jersey.

The tornado was classified as F0 strength and eventually moved through the Sanford area, but as the cell moved east into the town of Binghamton, the tornado rose to Category F2, with damage and width increasing to 100 feet. The most devastating twister made its way through downtown New York City, where it eventually lifted off the cloud base.

The precipitation value, based on three hours of precipitation concentrated on the given hour, is 10% precipitation, falls linear and is at least twice as likely as the least amount of snow. As regards precipitation, we consider snowfalls accumulated over a period of 31 days to be precipitation concentrated around the day of the year.

The hottest day of the year is July 20 with an average high of 80F and a low of 61F, and the coldest day this year is January 29 with an average low of 15C and a high of 29C.

If you want to visit Cortland in a very warm time, the hottest months are July, August and then June. According to this result, one of the hottest times for visiting Cortlands is early July or mid-August.

The first spring blooms appear in Cortland at the end of April or the beginning of May, although they do not appear until mid-May or the end of June. If it is to be dry, it is November, January and then February, with the warmest months of the year being March, April, May and July.

If a day is wet, the wet season lasts 6.2 months, with the windiest part of the year lasting 4.9 months. The windiest day of the year is February 7, and the quietest days of the year are July 31; the wettest season lasts 3.5 months and is the driest.

The best time to visit Cortland for general outdoor activities is late June to early September, based on the tourism score. Based on these values, the best times of the year for visiting Cortlands are for warm weather activities in late July to early August and late August to mid-September. The best days of the day and season to visit Cort Land in general for outdoor tourists and summer activities are the end of May to June, with the warmest days in early July and early June to late August.

Daytime highs range from 78 to 3C, but 6 degrees will feel cool given the humidity and wind. Given the humidity, the temperature feels cold for half the year, with the chance of rain or snow during the half year. Rain is expected in late April and early May, and it has been raining since late April.

If you go outside early in the morning, there is a layer of snow possible, and a layer of snow on the roads. Snow ploughs use intersections to clear snow from the road, creating traffic jams.

Note: A value of 0 snow in the graph below may mean that there is no snow or that there has been four centimetres of snow, but the snow is not reported. This means that it snows at a speed of one inch per hour and you can extend your route by half an hour to one hour. Check the conditions for letterbox and mail to ensure they withstand the snow in winter.

Leaving snow on the road is a form of litter that can be paid for with a ticket and a fine. If bad weather leads to slipperiness, salt and abrasive should be applied to the road as quickly as possible, as the slipperiness is caused by bad weather.

If possible, salt and abrasives should be applied to the road as soon as possible after the first snowfall, even if it is only a few centimetres.

Weather radar Live is a great resource to keep an eye on the weather and its evolution. The interactive weather map allows you to zoom in and pan to get a 360-degree view of the weather in New York City in real time. Editors - curated trends, weather forecasts and more. If you enter "City of St." go to the "Weather Radar Map" at https: / / Change area for forecast.

Clouds: Fill the area with cloud cover for a forecast of 1 - 4 hours or 2 - 5 hours for the New York City area. Fill in the areas with clouds and / or fog to update the weather forecast for this area in real time on https: / / Change forecast area. Fill in areas for forecasts of clouds, fog or fog with an estimate of the outlook for these areas.

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