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Here at Trombley Tire & Auto we want to offer our customers a fast and rewarding shopping experience. We are proud to supply high quality and affordable tires and auto parts, including a wide range of tires, parts and accessories for all types of vehicles and vehicles. The community of Cortland, New York, also offers some of the best retail opportunities in the state for auto repair, repair and maintenance.

If you are in Cortland, New York or surrounding areas, please call us or contact us for a free quote and decide to make your prepayment for your rental car, car repair or rental.

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Qualified car repair technicians are trained to work on pretty much any car and truck under the sun. Trombley Tire & Auto certified technicians are able to perform the full range of car repairs to keep your car in top condition - in running condition.

We will look after you before you buy a set of tires and offer you a comprehensive range of tire repair and tire replacement services for your car, truck and other vehicles.

Bring your car or truck to Trombley Tire & Auto and we'll make it easy for you to buy a new set of tires in Cortland and get a quote. We guarantee the highest quality tyres and the best service for your vehicle, car, truck and other vehicles. Tromey's Tire and Auto offers a full range of tire repair and replacement services and sells well-known brands, tires and wheels.

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In 2009, the New York Jets "training camp moved from Hofstra University in Hempstead to the SUNY Cortland campus. At the State University of New Jersey, graduate programs and research capabilities have been expanded at the University at Buffalo, and the largest public research university in the state, the State College of the United States of America (SUNy) in Cortland, has expanded graduate research capabilities.

Cortland, which was settled in 1791, was incorporated in 1900 as the 41st city in New York and converted into a village in 1853, which was recharged in 1864. In 1868, Cortland became the home of the Cortlands Normal School, which gradually developed into a four-year college. Starting as a Brockway wagon in 1875, it survived until 1977, when it was taken over by Mack Trucks in its current form.

The Cortland Rent - A - Center makes it easy to rent things that make the crew's daily life easier. Trombley's Tire & Auto has been offering a wide range of tyres, tyres and parts for hire for over 30 years.

Wickwire Brothers, known for its high-quality wire, is an industry leader in wire for the construction industry in Cortland, New York. Today, it operates the largest and most modern wire drawing plant in the world in the United States.

Cortland is known as "Kronstadt" because it is located on a plain formed by the merging of seven valleys. Forty stars represent the 40 cities that make up Cortland, and the 41st star, the center of the crown, illustrates the city's position on the map of New York City and its proximity to the Hudson River.

At the time of the 2000 census, 3,454 families lived in the city, 50.1% of whom were not from families. 24.8% had children under 18 years of age, 34.7% were married couples living together, 11.4% had a housekeeper with a husband and 12.9% were 65 years or older. The population was spread across a wide range of ethnic groups, with 95.72% white and 72.5% black in the cities.

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